About Me – My Personal Brand

Who am i? What are my passions? what are my values?

I am a kind, calm, hardworking, and peace lover person. I’m the author of this blog. I love to travel and want to see the the nature closely, want to feel and enjoy it. I love music and it’s been a part of my life which has been in my every situation. As now, i’m studying Information technology (IT) in NMIT. Since my childhood i love to play with computers and very fond of playing video games. Till now there are lots of passions in my life some of them are fulfilled and some still remaining. I want to be a football player in my school days but now it’s completely different direction. After graduating from high school i was very attached to technology. In my home country (Nepal) i used to work in an IT company.

As my blog is not only related to food but a bit more than that. The reason behind choosing this organic food as topic because from my childhood i was familiar with organic farming and love cooking foods. My family used to do agriculture and still they are doing farming. So, i have learned a lot things from my family and i think i should share my knowledge to others. We do farming of vegetables, crops, wheat, fruits. In these blogs i’m going to discuss about organic food, farming, recipes, its pros and cons etc.

I believe that when we support the organic industry it helps the environment by reducing the use of synthetic chemicals. Chemicals used in conventional food production often leach back into the surrounding environment. By using more natural practices, organic production protects wildlife, promotes biodiversity and helps to maintain and improve native ecosystems.

The organic process is environmentally conscious. It promotes greater soil fertility by rotating crops and using natural materials, such as compost, manure and cover crops. These practices help to control erosion and manage soil nutrients. A healthy soil also has the ability to absorb more carbon from the air. In order for animal products to be certified organic, the producing animals must meet a standard of animal welfare that ensures livestock living conditions accommodate the health and natural behavior of the animals. This includes being feed a natural diet with no growth hormones, GMOs or antibiotics. The animals also cannot be cloned.

What makes me Unique?

That are plenty of things that makes us unique. I think, i really am very special. i fell good about myself. It’s true that there is no one else like me in the entire world. There never was another me before, and there will never be another me again. I don’t know how to express myself perfectly but there are some points that consider me as unique:

  1. Good communicator and emotional person
  2. Food lover and passionate to cook food
  3. love to travel and music lover
  4. Eager to explore new things
  5. want to be updated with fashion
  6. I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and vitality. I’m exciting and i really enjoy being me.
  7. seeking out to learn new opportunities
  8. not afraid of failure. in fact, i believe it’s an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success.

I am interested in many things and appreciate all the blessings i have, and things that i learn, and all the things i will learn today and tomorrow and forever – just as long as i am. We should never give up too early. Helping each others and share our love and knowledge to others. I think that’s what life is all about and what it means.

What others think of me?

I cannot explain exactly what people think of me and how they see me but i know whoever are closes to me like my friends, families and relatives knows me better person as a loving, caring, humble and kind. Most of the people sees me as a silent person but in real life i’m opposite of it. Firstly it takes me time to be open myself. My best friends says “i’m a talkative person” which seems kind of weird sometimes.


I used to think it was a silly waste of time to think about a vision for my life. Who does that? But then, as I started learning how to change my life and my habits, I realized lots of importance and it’s need in the life of people. In this blogs, my vision is to educate others about organic food, farming and preparing to make healthy recipes. To share my ideas, knowledge, skills to people and i believe that i will get something in return and will able to achieve knowledgeable things throughout my blogging.

My Goal and how i’ll achieve it? Who are my Audience?

My goal is to chasing my dreams and achieve them. Throughout the entire time of my blogging aim is to educate others. I think that till now i had educate something to my audience about the organic food which is my personal brand. We are the human who are living in this planet so, we need to take care of it. Like i said “we need to share educations and help people” which is the one way to achieve my aims.

you can watch some videos and go through provided link below to get knowledge about organic.