An online identity can be anything from a social media profile, shopping cart, video game forum account. Even it can be a social identity associated with an online community, or just a simple account or data that’s associated with online services. I’m not sure what My online identity will be?? i think it will a organic food or farming blogger. Like in my blogs i have discussed about farming, cooking, informative knowledge so on which is a bit complicated for me to say that my online identity will be this and that. In my opinion it is very important to protect your online identity.

I have also choose a simple theme for my blogs which can easily readable, clean, clear displaying images which provides a lot of information about my blogs identification. Through my blogs i had include images, embedded videos so, they can watch the videos and get information clearly .

There are various ways to manage your online identity but i had choose social media because i find this is the best way to interact with people and get in touch to our followers. With help of social media links i’m trying to personalized my identity. Even in this blogging site i have set a organic logo on my word press blog site which gives an hint or idea that what are my blogs about. As my blogs is related to organic food so, i think the organic logo is suitable for word press site. Apart from that i had attached Instagram and twitter account links to my word press blog in order to reach a broader range of audience.

Social media is one of the best platform to target my audience. Nowadays people are more concern of having organic products and want to gain knowledge about the organic things, not only for their healthy life but more than that. As you can see the pictures in the below. I’m trying to attract my audience with the knowledgeable slogans pictures that provides an informational knowledge to the people. At the same time i had also tweets the word press blog posts and links on twitter account so, with the help of social media platforms i can attract my followers or people who are curious relating to organic terms.

Even in the about page i try to give general information about my blogs and a lit bit my background history.

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